The Best Thing About Spring: Baseball Season

There’s nothing quite like stepping foot on the diamond for the first game of the season. The bright lights shining down at you. The freshly tilled dirt. the lush, green outfield with soft mowed grass. The crowd buzzing and cheering. It’s exhilarating, to say the least.

It has taken a lot to get to this point. It all started months ago in the weight room for conditioning. Coach rounded your team up. Reiterated the importance of strength training. Had you in the gym multiple mornings a week. Pumping, pulling, sprinting and pushing toward your goal: this year’s state championship.

Each morning before the conditioning workouts, you prepped your protein shake, filled your gallon jug full of water and threw on your Russell Athletic sportswear. Depending on the temperature, you chose your trusty Dri Power Core shorts or your Dri Power pants and a Russell Athletic sleeveless tee. Sticking to this wardrobe regimen helped you get out of the house faster, thus enabling you to set your alarm clock for 5:00 AM instead of 4:45. Because those precious 15 minutes of sleep really do count.

You arrived at the gym, again and again, amped to start your workout. Conditioning started as a chore, but once you got the hang of it, it became the most important part of your day. Beating your personal bests in each category became the ammunition you needed to jump out of bed each morning. And, Coach was really starting to take interest in you.

Not once, during all of these conditioning workouts, did you think about your athletic apparel. Your Dri Power gear stuck with you, wicking sweat away from your body and keeping you cool and comfortable. Well, as comfortable as one can be while squatting twice their body weight.

Russell Athletic men’s workout clothes are crafted for intense workouts such as these. We are dedicated to providing athletes and weekend warriors with the sportswear they need to excel in their workouts. Baseball season is around the corner, so don your Russell Athletic apparel and hit the gym. Let’s start this season off right.