Stop sweat in its tracks with Dri-Power Technology

When you first start hitting the gym and trying to get into shape, sometimes it is really hard to stay motivated. When your alarm clock buzzes at 5:00 AM for your morning workout before work, a whole heap of excuses might come to mind…

“If I sleep in this morning, I’ll feel better than if I work out right now.” “I’ll just sleep ten more minutes and cut my workout short.”

“I’ll sleep in today and hit it really hard tomorrow.”

A great way to counteract these thoughts is train your brain to think of all the positives that working out that morning will bring…

“I’m going to feel so great about myself after hitting the gym this morning.” “After today I will be one step closer to attaining my fitness goals.”

And, you should always make the decision to work out as easy on yourself as possible. Like deciding what gear you should wear. One thing that should never cross your mind when you’re talking yourself into waking up and achieving your workout goals is whether or not your athletic sportswear is going to cut it. Each piece of athletic apparel you own should be capable of keeping your body cool, dry, comfortable and mobile. It should wick sweat away from your body and regulate your body temperature. And, it should fit like a dream.

When you choose Russell Athletic Dri-Power sportswear, you get all of the above and more. Our Dri-Power Technology was crafted to undertake even the most challenging workouts. Plus, it’s durable, affordable and looks great.

A great way to beat the morning workout blues is to lay out your workout gear the previous night. That way, as soon as your alarm clock rings, you can shut it off and slip on your gym clothes without even thinking about it. Before you know it, you will be on your way to the gym and reaching your fitness goals.

Keeping a drawer stocked with comfortable, capable athletic sportswear like Russell Athletic Dri-Power makes the decision to wake up and hit the gym before work even easier. So stock up and get moving towards your fitness goals today.