Russell Athletic Apparel is the Best Accessory for a Big Race

Your alarm clock is buzzing, buzzing, buzzing. But, you’re already in the dining room, wide awake, because you were too nervous to sleep. You can barely stomach the banana and protein bar that you are calling breakfast. Today is the big day.

You’ve been training for twenty-two weeks. The first couple of months were excruciating. You hadn’t ran more than two miles since gym class in high school. And, even that was many moons ago. Your legs would cramp. Your lungs would ache. Your co-workers would invite you to happy hour nachos after work, and you’d regretfully decline.

But, today you will embark on twenty-six miles. Twenty-six long, long miles. And you’re not going to stop. Not even once. Because, you are ready for this.

You decided to run your first marathon on a dare. “I bet you won’t follow through with it,” your best friend said. (In many other cases, he probably would have been right.) You have tried kickboxing, boot camps, lifting classes and gym memberships in the past to no avail. But something about running really stuck with you. Sure, training for this marathon has been the hardest physical thing you’ve ever done in your life…but, it’s really helped you clear your head. Now, you actually look forward to running. And, Russell Athletic apparel has been with you every step of the way.

Before you started running, you never really gave much thought to your exercise clothes. They were just something you threw on to do something you weren’t looking forward to doing. Now, what you wear on your long runs really, really matters. In some cases, it can make or break your workout.

That’s why you’re wearing your Russell Athletic gym shorts for race day. They’ve brought you all the way to this point, and they’re going to bring you all the way to the finish line.