Kick Back and Relax in Russell Athletic Tees

There are few things that feel better than sinking into the couch after a really long, hard workout. Especially when it’s the weekend and you don’t have a single obligation until Monday. After putting your body to work, lifting your personal best and hitting the treadmill at one mile per hour faster than usual, your body is spent. It’s time to take a hot, relaxing shower, throw on your favorite Russell Athletic workout shirt and basketball shorts and hit the couch for a few episodes of your favorite TV series.

Normally, you might feel guilty about vegging out on the couch for a few hours. But, when you feel that awesome burn in your arm muscles when you reach for the remote, you know that you earned this little stretch of relaxation. So, let your mind wander. Or, if you’re feeling especially motivated, plan your workouts and dinners for the rest of the week. However you decide to spend your downtime, make sure you spend it in Russell Athletic gear.

Russell Athletic workout shirts pack a one-two punch. They’re durable and breathable enough to handle your toughest workouts, and soft and comfortable enough to wear while lounging around the house. Our athletic wear is crafted with quality fabrics and comes in a wide range of colors that are easy to coordinate with your favorite Russell Athletic basketball shorts.

At Russell Athletic, we believe athletic wear shouldn’t be reserved solely for the gym. When you choose Russell Athletic workout shirts and basketball shorts, you get gear with the flexibility to go from home to gym and everything in between.