Baseball Training Tips

Spring is about here for most of us and we can almost hear the crack of baseball bats and baseballs slamming into leather-gloves. Right now is a great time to start getting in shape and sharpening your skills, because baseball season is just around the corner. We’ve pieced together a few tried and true training tips for improving your game this season. So, regardless of your league and level of play — you’ll be ready to take the diamond when the games begin.

Where to hit the ball
You want to always approach the inside-top part of the ball. Also, remember to have your top palm facing upward when you make contact with the ball.

Increase Arm Strength
The best way to do this is to throw all the time. Then throw some more. Long tosses are also a great way to build arm strength.

Hitting the Ball
The best way to perfect your hitting is to practice. Make trips to the batting cage a few times a week to improve your coordination and swing at variable pitch speeds.

Like in everything else, practice is key to becoming a great baseball player. Grab a friend and play catch for an hour a day. Make sure to mix it up with grounders, pop-ups and short “bunts” to mimic what you face during a game.

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So when its time to take the diamond this season, throw on some Russell Athletic sportswear, and make this the best baseball season yet.