Hit the Pavement With Russell Athletic Sports Apparel

You stand, stretching, at the bottom of the bleachers at your high school football stadium. You can see your breath against the cold, grey winter sky. It’s time for another set. You sprint up the stairs. Quick feet. Both feet on each step. Your legs are on fire. Your entire body burns with a feeling of total exertion.

You welcome the burn. It reminds you of just how hard you’re working and how far you’re able to push your body. Once you reach the top, you do 30 tuck-ups and jog your way back down. You repeat the set, again and again, until you have nothing left.

You remind yourself that come baseball season, all of this hard work and conditioning is going to pay off. And, although waking up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning when all of your buddies get to sleep in is less than desirable — you’ve got your priorities straight. Baseball comes first.

Your endurance has already improved exponentially. Your sprints are quicker and your head is clear. You can’t wait to step foot on that diamond and blow everyone away.

Russell Athletic is dedicated to helping you brave the elements in order to maintain peak physical fitness. No matter the temperature, our athletic apparel will ensure your body is kept comfortable so your mind can focus on the task at hand.

Whether you need men’s workout pants for stair sprints or sweatpants for kicking back while you recuperate, we’ve got you covered. Our sports apparel is crafted for intense athletes and intense workouts.

So, don’t let this long winter’s chill stop you from achieving your goals next season. Pick up some Russell Athletic workout apparel and hustle up those stairs.